Here's where we went:

Had lots of good food:

Parked in some tight spaces:

Had to "tender" to get to land once:

... to go zip-linin'!!


All aboard!

Pete skis the Matterhorn... Julie goes hiking...

Okay - just under the Matterhorn - not down the face... but we do have video evidence...

He also skied in "Italia" but the GPS was recording "Svizzera" at the time...

Meanwhile, Jason, Natalie, Julie and Leo go hiking.

And Sabrina too!

We stopped for lunch at a little place with a little view.

They also had great places to lounge :)

Night in Zermatt

No cars here - but the electric shuttles are deadly!

We had a great view of the Matterhorn from our room!

Yes we will always remember this as the trip that Leo discovered fries!

Drive to Zermatt

This was the route.

Another view of the "wine country" portion of the route. Lakeside vineyards = double beauty.

We took a few pictures...

There were a few wineries to choose from on the path we walked.

This is a tasting room we visited. Who can say no to VinoRAMA :)

We all enjoyed some wine at lunch - okay Leo's was water but he did an excellent job drinking from the wine glass (with a little help).

A Day in Geneva

We took a boat from the Horawaths to downtown :)

It was a great ride!

We had great Chicken and Calvinus beer at a local spot.

Pete visited the local Apple store :)

Visiting Chamoix

The drive was spectacular...

Leo didn't stick with us to enjoy it long...

We passed "Area of Passy" - I guess kids their really like their pacifiers. Leo would enjoy living there.

Sabrina enjoyed the ride up a little more fully than Leo - head out the window and all...

We took a train, then a gondola, saw spectacular views of the glacier, walked through an ice house in the glacier, had a meal in a restaurant overlooking the glacier. Great afternoon!

Walking through town was spectacular - God's beauty is unescapable here!

We grabbed a beer on the way back to the car at a fun place:

We had dinner at Le Denieu in Sciez - it was extra quant.

Leo was having a rough night so Natalie gave him some extra snuggles - it cheered him right up.